Have a Story?

I want to add a little TW here. Inside this page I suggest some things from many ends of a broad spectrum of what I will publish to this blog. I vaguely allude to topics such as addiction, suicide, “bad” mental health in general and anxiety. Read ahead with caution if you’ve been touched by any of these things. If you’d like to skip reading this but still want to share a story, jump across to the contact page and send me an email.

If you’ve found yourself here, on this page, it may have been a mistake. If not, I suspect you have a story to tell, so I’d like to detail a little about that process.

Firstly, if you tell me you would like to tell your story, that is reason enough for me want to share it it for you. There are no criteria in regards to the “level” of struggle one might expect of someone with that story, or something similar. I make no assumptions as to the difficulty of others’ lives and if you come to me with something very personal to you and tell me you want to share it, I will help you in any way I can.

Secondly, there is a theme to the blog, but that theme is very broad. I would like to keep the focus on mental health, but this is not limited to people sharing stories of diagnosed conditions, or even mental illness. It can be something as seemingly simple as trepidation as you enter a new workplace and (perhaps) awkwardly trying to find your place, and the thoughts and feelings around this. It could also be a detailed account of a bad drug trip, or an episode of depression or psychosis or anxiety or paranoia or anything else that left you feeling uneasy, or alone. You may not have personally experienced issues with your own mental health, but maybe you’ve seen a loved one go downhill, or maybe you blinked and they were already at the bottom. There doesn’t need to be happy a happy ending.

There is no time limit on your story. I may get in touch here and there to see how you are travelling if you have already expressed interest, but this is only a check in on you and how you are doing, rather than a check in on the story itself. These things can’t be rushed, and they won’t be.

The way you tell your story, your tone, your language, your title… those things are all up to you, unless you would like help (if you do, you’ll need to be explicit). The one thing I will ask of you is to find an image to go along with the post that fits with your story in some way, along with the aesthetics of the website. I will also proofread things for you to correct typos and punctuation, and, if requested, take a look at any phrasing you might like.

Stepping out of the comfort zone and talking about these things can be very challenging, and very confronting. I want to make this as pleasant for you as is possible.

If you’ve read all of this and you think you might like to share something, jump over to the contact tab and send me an email. I will respond as soon as I can (usually within a few days), and if you’re stuck waiting longer than a week just send another email (something like “Hey Amy, I sent you an email on … and I’m still waiting on a reply” is fine, no need to re-hash anything), because I’ve probably opened it while at work and then forgotten to go back.