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Welcome to Lamey, Ed, Pete and Po

If you’ve found yourself here for the first time, welcome. If you’re an avid reader already, welcome back.

This blog started out as a relatively simple thing. I wanted to share my story. My life this past few years has been full of struggle and I wanted to write about that so that others could try to get some insight or perspective into what living with these issues is like. Since the beginning, I’ve wanted this page to be about de-stigmatising mental health and raising awareness for mental health issues, how they present, how they are dealt with or recovered from and how every day normal, successful people can have them.

Because of this, the blog has evolved. I have had guest authors write about their stories alongside my own, and I have provided a platform for people to talk comfortably and freely about their mental health. I want YOU to share your story too, if you feel you have one. You can contact me via the contact page on this site, or if you’re lazy like me, just shoot an email to amy@thelameystringer.com.

Since there is quite a lot coming through the site these days I have sorted my posts into categories so that readers can easily find guest posts versus post written by me. There is also some new categories. The first is Lamey Dreams (coming soon), which will feature some recounts of dreams I have had since the attack (which you can read about here), and therefore, since the onset of PTSD. Fair warning, these recounts are often graphic and do not represent real events, only fears and anxieties around death and dying or becoming injured. The second new category is Thoughts and Opinions. In these posts, I’m not so much telling my story as I am expressing thoughts I’ve had around mental health and recovery, food for thought, if you will. Guest posts can also fall under this category. You can find the categories directly via the links below or you can hover over the Home button from anywhere on the site and access them there. If you’re new to the site and wish to get to know me, I recommend visiting the about me page, the going to Lamey’s stories and starting at the beginning.

For those who keep coming back and just want the most recent post, see below.

Recent Posts

Let’s talk about the news media

TW: Depictions of brutal killing. CW: anger and bad language. I am angry. Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned. William Congreve “Killer who threw petrol bomb on Brisbane bus driver Manmeet Alisher appeared ‘settled and stable’ before attack, inquest hears” – The ABC “Inquest … More

Shared Moments

CW: links to stories or trauma, but trauma not detailed here Maybe it was our shared trauma, or maybe it was a combination of things, but I felt warmth emanate from my heart and spread throughout my chest. Author: Theresa Braun Today I had a very emotional moment with a stranger. She’s a stranger only … More


*there will be coarse language, my limited vocab means I need it to express intensity Recently, there have been two instances where my mood has changed very suddenly into something unrecognisable from how I normally feel. I want to document them here. The feeling, upon reflection, is something I could only describe as euphoria, and … More