Shared Moments

CW: links to stories or trauma, but trauma not detailed here

Maybe it was our shared trauma, or maybe it was a combination of things, but I felt warmth emanate from my heart and spread throughout my chest.

Author: Theresa Braun
Time Inspired Photoshop Manipulations | Surrealism painting, Surreal art,  Surealism art

Today I had a very emotional moment with a stranger. She’s a stranger only in the sense that we had, and still have, never met or spoken to one another, but even so, we have shared a lot.

We have a shared trauma… and today was the anniversary.

As I went to visit the memorial site for Manmeet Alisher (Sharma), I saw that there was already someone there, reading the dedication. I recognised her immediately but I’m not sure she saw me at first.

I sat down and began to unwrap the flowers I had bought, glancing in her direction every few moments in case she wanted to say anything.

She was there that day… She was in the bus too, I remember her.

Eventually, she turned and looked in my direction. I’m not sure if she recognised me, but she saw my flowers. She looked at me for longer than you might look at someone you don’t know. Her eyes were red, like she had been crying or was about to. It was a deep sadness, one that I know very well. A very specific kind of sadness that only me, her and 10 others can really understand.

She turned to leave. Neither of us said anything but still, we shared a moment.

It’s been 5 years now. I wonder whether I will see her there again next year.

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